Week 2

I haven’t got my mark back yet but based on the professor’s feedback to the class I already know I didn’t do well on the OOP244 review quiz. Even though I got a good grade in that course I’m under no illusions that I know it all as well as I should, and I made the mistake of not looking at any of it over the break. Even though it’s only been a few weeks I’m rusty to say the least. I will say that I think it is an unrealistic view for the professors to take that just because we passed OOP244 we automatically know all that material inside out without a second thought, but that being said I do recognize that it is our responsibility to keep working at it and practicing so that we can eventually get to that level.

(Off topic slightly but if anyone of note is reading this blog – which I’m sure they are not – electives are a complete and utter waste of time!! I can understand the need for something like EAC150 in the first semester, especially for those who English is not their first language, but other than that what the hell is the point in making us take classes that have absolutely nothing to do with our chosen area of study?? We’ve already got enough on our plate as it is trying to keep up with the core subjects, the electives are just an unwanted and unnecessary distraction that use up time and effort that could be spent on something actually worth while. OK, rant over.)

We had a brief introduction to Git this week. It’s still a little bit confusing, especially when you’re trying to keep up with someone who’s clearly been using it for a long time, but at least the basic commands are relatively simple to learn. I completed the exercise posted on the OOP344 Wiki, and also went through the interactive tutorial available on Code School. Just need to keep at it!

Week 1

Had our first OOP344 class this week. Lots of new tools and systems to get used to right off the bat. Seems like this semester is going to be a very different way of working than what we’re used to. Hopefully once we get going and with a bit of practice it’ll all become second nature so we can just concentrate on writing good code. Random groups are annoying but a necessary evil I suppose. Also not entirely sure what the benefit of writing this blog will be, but at the very least if I get stuck I’ll have somewhere to vent about it!

Oh, and apparently IRC is still a thing.